Make Money Selling Your Arts and Crafts on Craigslist

Do you have a passion for arts and crafts? Do you regularly find yourself making gifts for family and friends? Whether you make handmade birdhouses, wind chimes, or anything in between, there is the potential to make money. Don’t just use your creations as gifts, but use them to earn a living or extra money on the side. How? With the help of the popular classified website,

To actually list your arts and craft projects for sale on the website, you need to create a listing. Visit the Craigslist website, select your state and then your city. From there, you can click the “post to classifieds,” link in the upper left-hand corner of the page. Follow the step-by-step guide to create your listing. Although easy, there is information you must include to make a sale.

Pictures. Consumers rarely buy items without first seeing pictures. Increase your chances of making a sale by taking a few pictures of the item you are selling. Don’t use stock photographs, but a picture of the actual item. Accompany that picture with a detailed description.

Fair selling price. It is tricky to sell arts and crafts. Your goal is to make money, but a low selling price virtually guarantees a sale. Unfortunately, you aren’t a mass production line, meaning your supplies and time cost more. That is why a fair selling price is important. It ensures you make money, but is low enough to generate consumer interest. When setting your price, consider the cost of supplies and the time spend to make each item. Go from there.

Customization. Since you make your arts and craft projects by hand, you have a unique opportunity to offer an additional service to your buyers. That is customization. Whether an interested buyer would like a different colored wind chime or their name painted on, you can do it. In fact, state in your listing that customization and personalization is available for either free or a small fee.

As you can see, it is relatively easy to make money selling your arts and crafts online. Since the popularity of Craigslist has increased and it continues to grow, now is the best time to use the website to your advantage!