Top e-cigarette battery chargers

Top e-cigarette battery chargers

There are a lot of things to take in mind when choosing the best e-cigarette battery charger for your vape batteries.  A charger that can safely, accurately, and promptly charges different sized batteries are the things that the vapers are looking for. But many of the 18650 specific chargers don’t support 20700 and 21700 batteries, and these batteries are bigger in size, and of higher capacity than 18650. Since those 20–series batteries are being used more and more in vape devices now, the older e-cigarette battery chargers will not accept those cells. So all you need is a versatile vape device or e-cigarette battery charger, that accepts and charges all the types of vape and e-cig batteries. Here is a list of some best chargers that are versatile and are known for their best performance and features:

Top e-cigarette battery chargers

Top e-cigarette battery charger

Nitecore Q4

This is a vape battery charger that’s versatile, easy to use, and having a fast 2Amps charging capacity for up to two battery slots, and 1Amp charging for three or more batteries. The charge status in this charger is a simple LED indicator that turns green when batteries are full. It takes the most popular size batteries, that are  18650, 20700, 21700, and 26650.

Efest Luc V6

This is another best e-cigarette battery charger in the market. Efest Luc V6 has a unique feature that it can also be used as a power bank. It has a digital LCD screen that displays the charge and voltage status for six batteries. It supports 18650 and 26650, flattop 20700 series and not the 21700  batteries. The max charge capacity is 2amps and it is divided as the number of batteries increase.

Efest Luc V2

Another popular battery charger by Efest. The Luc V2 is a popular two-bay e-cigarette battery charger. It has an easy to understand and read digital LCD display. The LCD displays the charge level with voltage reading. This charger intakes the sizes, including 18650, 20700, 21700, and 26650. It has 1amp of charging for a single, which gets divided when another cell is inserted.

Efest Lush Q2

Again, one more e-cigarette battery charger by Efest. This is another model of sleek dual-bay charger with an intuitive and simple interface. It has an automatic charge current of 2A for a single battery or 1A for two batteries. While charging two batteries at a time, the 2A charge auto-selects the last battery when the first is complete. It accepts all the18650, 26650, 20700 batteries, but 21700 won’t fit.

Nitecore UM10

The Nitecore UM10 is portable and easy to use a single-bay battery charger. It is a good choice to use for travel or for those vapers who vape less and only need a single-18650 charger. It has a nice  LCD screen which clearly displays the status and charging percentage. It can also serve as a medium of data transfer for your smart devices, and features a built-in cord compartment, thus becoming quite suitable for travel.

Things to look in a good e-cigarette battery charger

There are many features in battery chargers of today. The power bank usage, data transfer feature, and Bluetooth capabilities are known as the modern extras in these battery chargers.

Reverse polarity: This is a safety feature that ensures a charger will not operate if the battery is inserted upside down.

Over-charge protection: It ensures the battery safety by cutting off the charging once the battery is full.

Li-ion capability: This is the typical type of battery used in vaping.

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how to get into vaping

Skills That You Can Learn From How To Get Into Vaping

Skills That You Can Learn From How To Get Into Vaping

If you love to do vaping all the time then you would be much fond of vaping the big clouds as well. No matter whether you are new to vaping and enjoying your first vape kit or if you are seasoned vaper looking for something a little different you need to thought about vape clouds. Vaping is relaxing and there is no doubt about this fact. You can do it whether at home or out in public. But the most interesting part in how to get into vaping is making clouds. But there is a technique to follow up to produce the big vape clouds.

Guide No 1: Up your vapor Production:

This is a much simple formula to carry out with.  Some of the vapor production means bigger vape clouds but you might be thinking that how is it possible. For starters, you could think about to increase your power. The more power you will be using in your vape device, the quicker it can consume e-juice. You can often use the way as where you can get a powerful battery and a low resistance coil that is also named to be the first step to Sub Ohm Vaping. This is not at all about creating more vapor out of thin air this is all you are doing as in just speeding up the rate at which the liquid is vaporized.

Guide No 2: Increasing your Airflow:

You can even think about as in increasing vapor production is by increasing your airflow. This is important in the case as if you take the added power route. This is important in the condition as if you do keep your vapor cool so you don’t get burned. However, this is also taken to be the added benefit of increasing the size of your vape cloud quite naturally.

Guide No 3: Choose Right e-Liquid:

You should also be concerned about choosing with the right e-liquid that can have a massive impact on the kinds of clouds you can produce. Most of the e-juices are a blend of VG and PG. In that casethePG brings the flavor and VG brings the cloud. In simple, if you want to produce bigger clouds you will choose an e-liquid that has a higher VG balance. But you should make it taste slightly less flavor and it may reduce your throat hit as the result of it.

If you do follow up the guidelines as half in the way then no one can stop you to make the big size of the vape clouds. You do need to address with the routine so that you can hence gear up as more toward creating huge vape clouds. You should search for the perfect balance between inhaling, as well as exhaling and body posture. You should also be getting into the habit of emptying your lungs, then when you inhale vapor do it long and deep, pushing your shoulders back and filling your lungs. You have to hold it there before you release for which you need to be slowly and push your jaw forward as to control how far your throat opens. In short, the main way to create a big best cloud of vaping is by slow and smooth releasing of the vape.

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Cleaning a vape tank

cleaning a vape tank

How to Cleaning A Vape Tank Can Ease Your Pain

If you would search for you would probably be finding so many methods that are involved regarding the better and excellent cleaning a vape tank.

Vape coil best cleanliness would be leading to letting the vape to stay for a long time and in the best durable features too.  So here we have come over in discussing the easy and straightforward to carry out methods about cleaning vape coil!

Method No 1: The Ultrasonic cleaner Method:

If you want to take into account the most thorough clean possible for your vape tanks, you do need an ultrasonic cleaner. You do not have to put yourself in the use of the ultrasonic cleaner made for vape gear as for the reason that they are all the same.  You should be considering on using with the ultrasonic cleaner with a timer that goes longer than five minutes.

cleaning a vape tank

Method No 2: Cleaning Vape Coil with Alcohol:

You can also clean the vape tank with the use of alcohol as well. You have to detach tank from the mod and dispose of any e-liquid remaining in the tank. After it, you have to disassemble your tank completely.

It is to be mentioned that some high-proof and non-flavored vodka will be working as the best as being the solvent to help break down e-juice deposits from the vape box tank. You need to dampen a cloth or paper towel with the vodka and scrub any tough areas until and unless the container is not properly clean.

After it, you have to wipe and rinse with warm water. You need to let stand and air dry for 10-15 minutes and at the end reassemble tank and device.

Method No 3: Use of Vinegar, and baking soda:

For the better cleaning of the vape coil, you can even choose one with the ingredients of the vinegar as well as baking soda in the method. Vinegar is all known out to be highly acidic cleaning agent but must be thoroughly rinsed as to prevent its smell from lingering. Baking soda is somehow taken to be the excellent cleaning agent that can be used to get tanks sparkling again.

Ethanol does play an essential part in it as it is considered to be useful for the sake of cleaning.  Some of the vapers will find to choose on with the use of the little bit of dish soap or lemon juice with water instead. As much you will be going to rinse all of these substances thoroughly, they are turning out to be much highly active agents for cleaning your vape.

By making the research workaround, you would be coming into way with so many simple and easy to follow up methods for the cleaning of the vape coil. You need to stay careful with its pre-parts removal and rest of the cleaning task is easy to perform with. So which one of these methods, you will be trying first of all?

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New Coil Taste Burnt .

10 Ways Why Does My New Coil Taste Burnt Can Improve Your Business

When you vape for the first time then for sure you do not want to get into the vaping with the bad taste in mind New Coil Taste Burnt . You always imagine getting the fruity and so as the pastry flavored e-juices in your mouth as you put the first smoke puff of vape in your mouth. But somehow no matter whatsoever reasons are, you would be getting into the bad experience of having the bad smell of the vape.There are so many reasons behind the bad vaping and hence you can deal with it as well.

Why You Experience Bad Taste of Vape?

In some of the conditions, the bad taste in the vape is probably because of the burnt taste of the vape. You can often make it known as the metallic. If you are in the habit of smoking the electronic cigarette, then you will witness that it is happening as because of the hardware being part of it. It can be as because within the atomizer coil that has been all build on with the gunk. It would for sure be taking place as because of the dry wick material as well. There are basically two main causes as in favor of the burnt taste during the course of vaping.

What to know about Dry Wick?

Dry wick is the burnt or the bad taste that would be resulting to take place as because of the insufficient amount of e-juice just as getting to your wick.  At the time when the wick is much dry, then much of the harm can be done as to the current atomizer through the medium of too much of the vaping.

You an combat with this issue just as before of the vaping and at the time of doing the vaping.You can consider out as to tilt the tank and so as the battery so that you can choose away as to wet the wick in e-fluid.


If you notice away the burnt taste at the time of using the tank, then you need to know that how old is your coil head. Besides on choosing with the burnt coil, you can simply make the selection of the old coil. You can think about as in replacing with the coil as to get away with the burnt taste as well.

As you are all done with the changing of the coil, you should not be missing out to prime up the coil on the correct positions.  This will be helping you at the best as to discourage away the hits that are set with the burnt tasting.

Should I Do Vaping with Temperature Control?

If you want to avoid with the burnt hits and dry hits, then it is much important to make the use of the vaping device that is all set in the control temperature. You can consider away as to set the vape temperature all through the use of the temperature control mod with the means of the stainless steel, as well as titanium, or nickel coils.

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Best Nicotine E Juice

7 Doubts You Should Clarify About Best Nicotine E Juice

Nicotine salt is all known out to be the form of chemical formulation of nicotine that decreases its harshness that is all allowing vapers to comfortably get more nicotine while at the time of inhaling less best nicotine e juice vapor.

The terms nicotine salts are also known by the name of nic salt, salt nic, or even as the salt nicotine. Inside the salt, this chemical, on the whole,  neutralizes the nicotine form of molecules and also at the same time creates a more stable compound that results in  nicotine that’s smoother to consume.

Talk about Nicotine salt vs. freebase nicotine:

Just as switching from a standard freebase nicotine mix, as you will be going to notice the difference immediately. Nicotine salts are not at all harsh on the throat like freebase nicotine.  Another significant difference that is coming out as in between the two nicotine formulations is that salt nicotine, on the whole, appears to vaporize well at lower temperatures.

So many of the reports hence mentioned that the nicotine salts give a sensation similar to smoking just as more than regular e-liquid. This is not magic at all! This is because of the reason that so many of the products contain up to 60 mg/mL of nicotine. More category of the nicotine-per-puff adds a more satisfying experience for smokers and ex-smokers. I

Is nicotine salt mentioned to be more addictive?

This is because of the reason that the strengths have been all the more typically much higher in nicotine salt as this is a legitimate question. One of the critical reasons cigarette smoke is addictive is regarding the speed with which it delivers nicotine to the brain.

There are so many of the questions about whether nicotine salts that are to be getting as give the drug more rapidly than freebase nicotine.

Is nicotine salt Much safe?

As to be the just difference between nicotine salt juice and so as the standard e-juice is the inclusion of benzoic acid for the reason that is salt nic is probably no more or less safe than freebase nicotine e-liquid.

The World Health Organization International Programme on Chemical Safety suggested that the consuming no more than 5mg as per kilogram of the body from the weight per day. This would be coming out much equal about 345 mg for a 150-pound person.

What strength to buy with?

Some of the nicotine salt e-liquids hence come in 25-50 mg strengths. If you are a beginner with the nicotine salts, we suggest starting with the range of the 20-35 mg first unless you are not acting as a transitioning smoker. 3-5 mg is considered to be much suitable as for the sub ohmas as due to their low concentration.

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5 Top Risks Of How Much Nicotine In Vape Juice

So many minds are stuck with the question that how they would be able to get the right amount of the nicotine in the vape juice. Well this is much a tricky question to talk about for sure. It is a best choice as in terms of choosing the electronic cigarette as an alternative to the smoke and chemical filled tobacco cigarettes.  This is for sure one of the best decisions you can make to improve your health. But in all such decisions, you need to be much careful in terms of knowing the fact that how much nicotine in vape juice.

Is it confusing?

Let us just explain you out easily!!!!!!!!!!!!

Important Guidelines About How to Get the Right Amount of Nicotine in vape Juice

  • It is a major question to learn out that what 12mg or 20mg strengths mean for nicotine. It is all known as the amount of nicotine in milligrams as for each millilitre of E-Liquid that is to be expressed as mg/ml.

Some of the companies do choose to represent this as a percent per solution as where you will be watching the 1.2% instead of 12mg/ml.

  • One of the most readily asked common questions about an E-cig relates to which e-liquid nicotine strength is equivalent. As into the particular kind of cigarette that a person smokes. It is much better to get the understanding that how much nicotine is contained in the E-Liquid you are inhaling.

You can often considerably get the 10ml bottle of 20mg nicotine e-liquid that would have 200mg of nicotine in it. In the same way, 30ml bottle of 20mg e-liquid would have 600mg of nicotine in it.

  • As you would be getting on to refill your e-cartridges with e-liquid. You may need to know how much nicotine is added in your refilling e-liquid. They are about 20 drops of e-liquid per milliliter.  If you are using the 24mg nicotine e-liquid then there would be 1.2mg of nicotine per drop.

If you do let the three drops of e-liquid onto a e-cartridge or even directly onto the atomizer. For those of you that direct-drip then it normally means that you are taking with the 3.6mg of nicotine. from the time you start off with the vaping until you top off again.

  • Hence we would say that the amout all along with the feeling of the nicotine absorbed by the body from electronic cigarette smoking depends on many factors. This can often add on with the density of the nicotine in e-liquid as well as the E-cig vaporising quantity.

It can also be in the timeline factors of the smoking frequency and timing, and the smoking inhaling respiration.

  • Additionally the nicotine in the E-Liquid can not be absorbed completely by the vaper. If you would be inhaling with the 1 ml of E-Liquid. Which contains 20 mg of nicotine that does not mean that you absorb all the 20 mg of nicotine.

You can just think about to absorb about 40-65% of the nicotine as per according to your personal smoking habit.

As it is highly addictive so many studies have unveiled that nicotine to be a carcinogen. It is simply the fix that some of the cigarette smokers crave.

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how to clean vaporizer tank

5 Quick Tips For How To Clean Vaporizer Tank

mayIf you are fond of vape fun, then it is also important to give it with the proper sum of cleanliness as well. You get so many maximum flavor when we buy new e-liquids, but at the same time we all made the mistake of putting new flavors in our tanks. It is much important to add the vape with the best sum of cleanliness over how to clean vaporizer tank. Let’s make you teach how it is possible!

Tip No 1 About How To Clean Vaporizer Tank:

You have to first of all fill a bowl with warm water. Now you have to detach tank from mod. In the third step you will be going to dispose of any e-liquid remaining in the tank. Make sure that you do completely disassemble your tank. Now make the placement of the tank components into bowl. You have to wash tank components in water until clean. If tank is extremely dirty, then you can let the few drops of dish soap to clean it up. Now you have to dry off each component with a paper towel and let stand and air dry for 10-15 minutes.

Tip No 2:

Besides using the water, you can also clean the vape tank by the use of alcohol as well. You have to detach tank from mod and dispose of any e-liquid remaining in the tank. After it you have to completely disassemble your tank. It is to be mentioned that some high-proof and non flavored vodka will be working as the best as being the solvent to help break down e-juice deposits from the vapebox tank.

Tip No 3:

You need to sampen a cloth or paper towel with the vodka and scrub any tough areas until and unless the tank is not properly clean.  After it you have to wipe and rinse with warm water. You need to let stand and air dry for 10-15 minutes and at the end just reassemble tank and device.

Tip No 4:

Another easy way would be replacing the vape coils. But this would cost much of your money. Coils are taken to be the major part of the vape and hence it have a huge influence on flavor. This is the reason that the more you will vape the more you do need to change your coil. Damaged coil will normally have the visual of being dark, crusted or damaged. You will often experience with the burnt taste as it has been thoroughly cleaning your device. Plus your atomizer is having leakage issues as well.

Tip No 5:

You can even replace or change the coil by your own self help that is much easy to do and if you dont know how to clean vaporizer tank then come near by vape shop. You may have to just remove with the tank from device and then discard any remaining e-liquid. You do need to twist the coil to the left to unscrew it from tank and then screw in new coil. At the end just reattach tank to device.