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Start an Adventure Photography Service

I remember on one of my adventure tours I hired a professional photographer to follow us on a 2 week travel tour through California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. We ended up with many photographs. I believe it was over 1,000 in the end. That was 10 years ago and I am still using those photographs to promote my business.

Why not grab your camera and seek out a unique NICHE to focus on and start taking pictures while doing something you love. I am talking about being an Adventure or Travel photographer for companies. You find companies that are organizing tours, trips, adventures, you name it. Then sell your service to them. You will get to come along for the ride while you do your job.

It will require the discipline to make sure you remember that you are there to take photos and not participate in the tour or adventure. If a company is edgy about paying a large fee for your service, you can ask them to offer the additional benefit to the people on the tour. If there are 10 tour people and your fee is $2,000 then the company can split that with the people on the tour, so that each person pays $100 and the company pays the other $1,000.

This way the company still gets the copyright to the photographs and the clients get photos that they are in. Even though many people carry a camera around with them these days it is a load off their minds knowing that someone else is taking care of the photo taking. I travel a lot in groups and most do NOT want to be the camera person. Even the designated cameraperson does not want to worry about taking photos (especially when they are not in them). Just as people love the sound of their name they also care about one thing – themselves (on an average). So you can capitalize on that desire and offer to provide a premium photography service to as specific niche market and get paid twice. Once with the fee and twice with the adventure. And there is a bonus benefit of making new friends. Either way you earn $2,000 while on vacation.


Developing Your Shooting Skills Into Your Very Own Photography Service

Being able to work in digital photography is a joyful endeavor. There are so many aspects to cultivate in delivering an excellent photo. You can also promote your photography services by adding a photo blog. Tips such as how to hold a digital camera properly can really be important when developing your photo shooting skills.

The ISO settings for a camera are key in learning to shoot perfect shots. Shutter speed is also a feature that you need to be master. A good photographer will know his equipment which will include his digital camera and all the equipment that comes with it. Canon is known for making great brands of digital cameras.

Be sure to consider a Canon camera if you are looking to purchase one. You can go online and research which cameras you might like. Deals are always around for digital cameras. Stores offer bargains for buyers to get their hands on a digital device.

Photography is a wonderful experience for those who are involved with it. Adobe Photoshop is a program that is widely used when capturing images. Especially for editing purposes, you need an efficient program to allow you to make necessary desired changes. If you really want to become an expert, consider going to photography school.

Experience is necessary to develop your digital skills. Try to practice taking shots with your digital camera and download them to your computer. In terms of a career in digital photography, it can be a rewarding career. You might figure out your passion is in photos or pictures. The Internet makes digital photography an even more interesting career, as there are various directions in which you can go in. Projects in this area are endless as photography continues to develop over time. Technology has gotten very efficient and is still needed in many places.


How to Promote Photography Services on the Internet

Digital photography is getting really huge on the Internet. If you are in the digital imaging niche, you can earn lots of money. But first, you must learn how to promote a photography service on the Internet.

For your business to be successful, you will need to drive targeted traffic to your website. These are visitors who are interested in what you have to offer – be it content, products, or services. As a service provider, potential customers want to know who are, and why they should be buying from you and not from one of your competitors. So you need to introduce yourself to the community. You can do this by publishing photography related articles on the web.

1) Provide photography tutorials – Beginners are always looking for tutorials about digital photography. By providing good tutorials, you are demonstrating that you are a true expert. This is implicit. You never have to explicitly mention that you are a photography expert. Let the readers draw their own conclusions from the content that you publish.

2) Segment your market – Almost all businesses will need professional photography services. For instance, a baking site will need photos that will help sell more cakes. A furniture website will need professional looking photos to help sell more furniture pieces. When writing articles to promote your services, it’s always good to segment the market into smaller niches so that you can have a sharper focus as you write. If you are targeting the home furniture market, then you can write articles about how to take great photos of such items.

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How to Find a Professional Company That Offers Spin Photography Services

With websites loading faster and appearing before the user within seconds of clicking the URL most businesses turn online or at least create a virtual store for their business to the benefit of themselves as well as their customers. And for the same reason there are more and more techniques to make a website more interesting and appealing to the visitors and one of them happens to be spin photography.

Spin photography involves the imaging technique where an object is photographed in such a way that it can be zoomed in or out or rotated on multiple axis. This allows a user to zoom, rotate or tilt an object and thus get its detailed view regarding its shape, size, colour, thickness, etc. While it lets you as a seller to highlight the best features of your product it helps a buyer to understand and appreciate all the features of a product he is planning to buy. The ability to turn the product upside down, from right to left or left to right gives the customer a feeling of physically moving the product and allows clearer inspection.

Searching for a company that offers spin photography services is not an easy job, especially if you are doing it for the first time. A mere search in Google using the keyword “spin photography” would give you around 31,700,000 results out of which finding the right company for you is like searching for a needle in a haystack. So how do you find the right company provider for you from this long list? Here are a few tips for you:

  1. Check out the companies listed in the first few pages of search results. This would bring down the number to around 40-50. As you would know, some of the results might be purely informative and not commercial and hence, you could rule them out as they would be from websites like Wikipedia. Pick out the companies that offer spin photography services from the remaining results.
  2. Once you pick out the companies, check their websites to know more about their services and company details. Most companies would have a lot of information on their services, the previous works they have done, the way they work, the portfolio of work, the testimonials of previous customers and so on. This would let you decide on the companies that provide the kind of services you require.
  3. The techniques and equipment that are required for spin photography are more advanced than ordinary photography. Besides, it requires experts who are specialised in spin photography or 360 degree photography and are experienced in capturing and processing images that appeal to and convince the website visitors to convert and purchase. Go through the spin photographyequipments that are used by the companies to create the images.
  4. Next you check the locality of the companies you have selected. It is always better to choose providers who are within or closer to your own locality. This would help you in communicating with them and going back to them for any clarifications or modifications in the work they have done for you.
  5. By now you can shortlist the few companies that you could contact directly and make your enquiries related to services, time for completion, techniques and equipments of photography used, charges for the service and so on. After talking to them by calling or meeting them in person, you could find answers to all your questions as well as clarify their terms and conditions. You could tell them what you are looking for and once there is complete agreement between both the parties, you can go ahead and employ them to create images for your website and thus enhance the shopping experience of online shoppers through effective spin photography.